Günter Gerhard Lange: “Müssen Zeitungen so sein?” (“Do Newspapers have to be like this?”)

Comments about Form and Design of West German daily Papers
Critical remarks by Günter Gerhard Lange about the current standard of the West German press aspects, in which he discusses visual as well as economic points. For GGL, the enormous price increase in all areas of manufacture and marketing affecting newspapers is a cause for stocktaking.


Günter Gerhard Lange: “Müssen Zeitungen so sein?”. In: Der Druckspiegel, 30. Jahrgang, Nummer 11. Stuttgart: November 1975. pp.661–667.




17 × 24 cm

“(…) There is no doubt that a well-made newspaper will always survive. Sure, there will be fewer papers, but the existing ones will always have an open ear for the market, i.e. for their readers; keen-eared, active, sensitive and committed. We will have newspapers of smaller format, but their intellectual level needn’t be lower, it can even be better. These are the newspapers for the future (…)”

Günter Gerhard Lange, Der Druckspiegel Nummer 11/1975

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