Günter Gerhard Lange: “Vom Layout hängt die Wirkung ab” (“The Effect depends on the Layout”)

In this article Günter Gerhard Lange wants to sensitize professionals working in the field of communication, for the possibilities, the characteristics and impressions which type offers as an instrument of communication. 

GGL argues that type is able to communicate contents in very different ways. Type can be incredibly versatile. Never before did marketing people, sign writers and typographers have so many alphabets to choose from. The article is an introduction into the problems of type design and use. Well-commented examples from an international range offer a varied and colourful selection which even the layperson will appreciate.


Günter Gerhard Lange: “Vom Layout hängt die Wirkung ab”. In: selbstbedienung – dynamik im handel 9/78, 22. Jahrgang, Heft 9. Köln: September 1978. pp.8–14.




21 × 29,7 cm

“(…) Writing is – after verbal language – still the most important instrument of communication. All professionals dealing with communication are inevitably also dealing with writing. Few of them, however, are aware that one kind of type is not the same as the next, but that each one has its own specific identity and character. Thus a message – depending on the type used – can have quite a range of different effects. (…)”

Günter Gerhard Lange, selbstbedienung – dynamik im handel 9/78

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