Caryl Holland: “Type’s right-hand man”

Caryl Holland and Günter Gerhard Lange discuss trends, new technological developments, historic influences, the Berthold Library, and the reason why a computer can’t make any esthetic decisions.

“[…] I am a right-handed man […] and for me technology is the left hand. It is only a tool to help you prepare and produce a character more quickly. We use computers for corrections and for producing series when building a new alphabet but we always first draw the characters by hand and we always check the computer’s work by eye. […]”

Günter Gerhard Lange, Graphics world No. 64, Jan/Feb 1987


Caryl Holland: “Type’s right-hand man”. In: Graphics world, No. 64. London: Jan/Feb 1987. pp. 34–37.




21 × 29,7 cm

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