Günter Gerhard Lange: “J.T. – der progressive Traditionalist“ (“J.T. – The Progressive Traditionalist“)

In the preface Philipp Luidl writes:
“This book doesn’t want to be a biography. On the contrary, its aim is to draw a careful portrait which we all think we know already. In his work Jan Tschichold presents himself as an expert. This is who we remember. But who knows the other Tschichold, the one who not only designed books or created new typefaces? Günter Gerhard Lange set out to find out about him. (…)”

Ten articles by Heinrich Hussmann, Werner Doede, Kurt Seelmann, Edith Tschichold, Hans Schmoller, Günter Gerhard Lange, Alfred Andersch, Max Caflisch and Paul Valéry create a new picture of Jan Tschichold.

“(…) The oeuvre of J.T. is remarkably diverse and it will endure. In his younger years he was a man of commercial typography and the modern age, but towards the end of his life he turned into an interpreter of book typography and became an advocate of tradition. His achievements in both areas were exceptional. The summary of a dedicated and progressive traditionalist who has done his job. (…)”

Günter Gerhard Lange, J.T., Johannes Tzschichhold, Iwan Tschichold, Jan Tschichold, 1976


Günter Gerhard Lange: “J.T. – der progressive Traditionalist“. In: Philipp Luidl [Hrsg.]: J.T., Johannes Tzschichhold, Iwan Tschichold, Jan Tschichold. Eine Jahresgabe der Typographischen Gesellschaft München. Zusammengestellt und herausgegeben von Philipp Luidl. Munich: Typographische Gesellschaft München, 1976. pp.39–52.




15,5 × 23,5 cm


Philipp Luidl


Sabon-Antiqua with italics and small caps based on designs by Jan Tschichold

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