Sigi Ramoser

Full-throttle inspiration for his studentsGGL would have been 100 years old this year. This is a truly historic and forward-looking moment.

I had the pleasure of enjoying his Monday lectures at the then U5 – School of Design in Munich.

For me, he was and still is a rock star of typography and design itself. Next to so many great lecturers I had the pleasure to experience in Munich. Also honestly for me at the time a bit ”unapproachable“ and I hardly dared to ask him questions. This is probably due to the youthful insecurity on my part in my studies. Should have dared me more – but no! I do regret from today’s perspective my lack of courage to really deal with him – to ask concrete questions or even to discuss works from that time with him. Now or then later – with growing certainty we would certainly have had the best conversations and discussed insights and issues together. Unfortunately, we did not find this opportunity after graduation.

He had always rocked us into the week of tasks to be accomplished. With so much power and commitment and heartfelt action and full-throttle inspiration.

But what is it all about when you study? What do students remember? Of people who inspired and engaged one. Of GGL, who always encouraged you to question the things someone was designing in a highly qualitative way, to get involved yourself if you had something to say or to design. To know the reference to history, to live in today, and to be able to shape a future world in one’s own possibilities. He was never a guru. He simply communicated clearly, if you do something – do it with heart, mind and knowledge and be reflective and attentive.

I am so grateful to him today and congratulate him to the heaven of teachers and hope he looks down proudly on his flock. He is and will remain a part of my creative personality forever.

THANK YOU Günter Gerhard – today we would address each other with first names and I would like to drink one or the other glass of wine with him and let him and the designer heart live high.

Sigi Ramoser