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  • Kirsten Solveig Schneider im Atelier von Günter Gerhard Lange, Großhesselohe

    Kirsten Solveig Schneider

    On his 100th birthday in 2021 and 13 years after his death Günter Gerhard Lange is still very present in my life. On the one hand, this is due to my

  • Eckehart SchumacherGebler und Günter Gerhard Lange

    Eckehart SchumacherGebler

    It is a while …It is a while since we met for the first time. I had just opened a typesetting studio in Munich, with the Folio and other fonts from the

  • Christa Schwarztrauber on Günter Gerhard Lange

    Christa Schwarztrauber

    GGL on his 100th birthday! There were many opportunities to experience GGL and when it was possible, I always took them – to learn from him (in TGM typography courses). Or to

  • Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

    The Lord of the FontsPolitical correctness was rather an alien concept in GGL’s impulsive rhetoric, contrary to his actions. I have always found him to be a person totally free of conceit

  • Erik Spiekermann

    Erik Spiekermann

    Measuring with Mouse Gut That’s what I called a lecture about Günter Gerhard Lange’s work which I gave in 1999. This wasn’t an aperçu, but a quote. Towards the end of the