During his time with H. Berthold AG Günter Gerhard Lange gave lectures and presentations not only internally, but also publicly at trade fairs, professional events and conferences. He travelled across countries and continents as a prophet and missionary, promoting photo typesetting, typefaces and typography, giving up to forty lectures a year. Even after retirement his talks were very popular at conferences. GGL was a passionate orator who animated, criticised and praised with his often drastic rhetoric, and the nickname as “Gutenberg’s machine gun”, coined by the typographer Manfred Klein, did not come by chance. But with all critical clarity GGL radiated an energy that inspired his listeners. Excerpts from GGL’s unique rhetoric can be found below.

G. G. Lange live: Die Inszenierung einer Borschaft in der Fläche.

In October 1996 the second FontShop conference TypoBerlin takes place under the motto Idea vs. Ideology. Here, Günter Gerhard Lange gives his legendary lecture “The Staging of a Message on the Surface”. A recording of this lecture was published in 1998. Excerpts can be heard in the video.