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  • Hans Rudolf Bosshard

    Hans Rudolf Bosshard

    GGL and IndulgenceFor the commemorative publication on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the TGM in 1990 I wrote the essay “Anmerkungen zum Schriftschaffen seit 1945” (Notes on Typography since 1945).

  • Michael Bundscherer

    Michi Bundscherer

    Young talent promoter GGLMy first encounter with GGL was shortly after my education in 2000 at Typo in Berlin. Neville Brody and David Carson were the undoubted stars of the typo sky

  • Friedrich Forssman

    Friedrich Forssman

    Anyone having experienced “Gutenberg’s Machine Gun” (Erik Spiekermann about GGL, an honorary title that will have stuck by now) on stage or in dialogue, will never again have the courage for

  • Rudolf Paulus Gorbach

    Rudolf Paulus Gorbach

    The first time I just missed him. It was in 1961, my first semester at the Meisterschule für Grafik, Druck und Werbung in Berlin. GGL had just finished teaching there, but

  • Jost Hochuli, Foto: Michi Bundscherer

    Jost Hochuli

    For many years, my relationship with GGL was not exactly cordial, but nevertheless quite friendly. Once – I can’t remember the reason – he spent the night at our house, together