Gustav Bohadti: Die Walbaum-Schriften und ihre Vorläufer (The Walbaum Scripts and their Precursors). A Study

This publication was dedicated to Curt Thier, Director and Board Member of Berthold AG, on his 80th birthday on 26th November, 1960.The author Gustav Bohadti presents the life and work of Johann Carl Ludwig Prillwitz (1759-1810), Johann Friedrich Unger (1735-1804) and J.G. Justus Erich Walbaum (1768-1837). The publication ends with a listing of the “Most Beautiful Books” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, showing the popularity of the Walbaum Scripts.  After the publication in 1957 “Von der Romain du Roi zu den Schriften J.G. Justus Erich Walbaums. Eine Schriftstudie“ this is the second Walbaum treatise published by Berthold.

Typography and Cover design by Günter Gerhard Lange. The book was honoured as one of the “Most Beautiful German Books” of 1960.


Gustav Bohadti: Die Walbaum-Schriften und ihre Vorläufer. Eine Schriftstudie. Berlin, Stuttgart: H. Berthold AG, 1960. Edition: 500 numbered copies.




17,2 × 26,2 cm


Günter Gerhard Lange


Walbaum Antiqua with italics of the Intertype and hand typesetting of the original Walbaum fonts from H. Berthold AG


Honoured as one of the “Most Beautiful German Books” of 1960

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