Berthold Aktuell Ausgabe 1 · 1990 (Berthold Aktuell, issue nr. 1 · 1990)

In February 1990 the company journal “Berthold Aktuell, issue nr. 1 . 1990” informs about news from the house of Berthold.

In his contribution “Lange opens Lange”, Gerd Fleischmann reports about the opening of the exhibition “Herbert Lange. 60 years of Utility Graphics” by Günter Gerhard Lange in the Foyer of the main building of Graphische Betriebe Mohndruck in Gütersloh.

“Type design for photo typesetting: The creation of Poppl-Pontifex. A Leitmotif of nine Characters” by Gertraude Poppl shows the creation process of this type and the cooperation with Günter Gerhard Lange.

The Frederic-W.-Goudy Prize is an award for outstanding work in the field of type design and typography. In 1989 the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) selects Günter Gerhard Lange as the 21st winner of this award. In “G.G.L. – Prize Winner of the Frederic W. Goudy Award” Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin gives impressions of the award ceremony and background information. 


H. Berthold AG [Hrsg.]: Berthold Aktuell Ausgabe 1 · 1990: Text, Bild, Grafik aus einer Hand: Trends. Facts. News. Berlin: H. Berthold AG, February 1990.




30,5 × 42,5 cm


Design pur, Berlin


Poppl-Pontifex und Poppl-Laudatio der H. Berthold AG

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