Günter Gerhard Lange: “Weg, Werk und Zeitgenossen Paul Renners“ (1978) (Way, Oeuvre and Contemporaries of Paul Renner)

Two years after Jan Tschichold (1978), the Typographic Society in Munich (tgm) released a publication as an annual gift to mark Paul Renner’s 100th birthday.

Philipp Luidl, editor of the publication, writes in his preface:
“It was a tempting thought to let the annual gift about Jan Tschichold be followed by one about Paul Renner. In particular since both of them worked at the same school and pursued the same objective, but also because Paul Renner’s vita is just as unknown to the wider public as Jan Tschichold’s. (…)”

Paul Renner’s heirs, Prof. Heinz Haushofer and his wife Luise, permitted, for the first time, a view into Renner’s legacy. The story is rounded off with contributions by Heinz Haushofer, Wolfgang Bächler, Gerhard Zwerenz and Günter Gerhard Lange. Philipp Luidl and GGL together saw to the design of this publication, which was set in the Renner-Antiqua (1939) by Paul Renner. The type for this publication was cast from the only mould by D. Stempel AG still in existence.


Günter Gerhard Lange: »Weg, Werk und Zeitgenossen Paul Renners«. In: Philipp Luidl [Ed.]: Paul Renner. Eine Jahresgabe der Typographischen Gesellschaft München. Zusammengestellt und herausgegeben von Philipp Luidl. Unter Mitarbeit von Günter Gerhard Lange. Munich: Typographische Gesellschaft München, 1978. pp.45–49.




15,5 × 23,5 cm


Philipp Luidl and Günter Gerhard Lange


Renner Antiqua from D. Stempel AG based on designs by Paul Renner (1939)

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